American Drive Thru Pt 2: Public Waddling while Stuffed (SD MP4)

After my drive thru binge I felt so stuffed & eager to show off my ballooning belly! I couldn’t wait to get out in public & waddle about in my tight jeans & tiny crop top. My clothes were so tight & small that they displayed my protruding gut magnificently! As I struggled out of the car, I took a few steps in the park before I could feel myself becoming breathless! Not only was I unfit, but I was also heavily weighed down from all the fattening food I had consumed earlier. As I waddled down the path breathlessly, I spotted a few people openly staring at me. More-so at my HUGE belly, which was fully out for all to see, hanging over the waistband of my super tight jeans! Pulling my belly fully out I rubbed, jiggled & played with it while I moaned in ecstasy! I was seriously aroused from all the shocked stares & also from how ridiculously stuffed I was too!