Fat Chat & Flabby Jiggles (SD MP4)

I’m such a shameless pig that showing off my big blubbery blob-like body excites me.  I especially love how my body looks in lingerie that is way too tight.  I get all tingly when I see my fat bursting out the top and the bottom.  When I get into such a state I can’t keep my hands off of myself.  I just want to grab and squeeze handfuls of overflowing fat.  The way it feels when I clap my massive thighs together and the build up of pure fat on each thigh slams together with a thunderous noise. How fat rolls over my elbow and hides it from view.  The way my arms sway is almost mesmerizing.  Won’t you let me show off for you? This clip is also available in:HD MP4 (1080p)