Big Tits

Sapphire Blue walking movement

In the scene Sapphire Blue is nude from the start and we track her with the camera as she walks around our studio. She then pauses and faces the wall and we zoom in on her ass as she pulls her ass cheeks, playfully slaps her ass and wobbles and jiggles her ass. We show you this in slow motion and in normal speed. She leans over and spreads her ass wide so you can see her pink wet pussy as she gapes. We get in for some really close up work here. We then ask her to turn around and keeping with the low camera angle we had on the ass sequence we do the same with her boobs. She slaps and lets them bounce and jiggle, sway and move as only large natural breast can. Slow motion sequences will bring you to the edge as well as the normal speed sequences too. She gives each boob in turn good slap and we watch as it bounces and returns to its normal position, she repeats this on the other tit and then slaps them both at the same time.